Lithium batteries - LiFePO4

What is lifepo4?

Why do i need it?

How to install?

Lithium Batteries have been more broadly available for the Caravan and Camping Industry for the best part of 7 years, many campers across Australia are already enjoying the benefits of Lithium Batteries. Education and understanding of a lithium system are still its biggest downfall; potential consumers are unaware of the benefits or fearful considering the history of other lithium chemistries.

There are many types of lithium batteries each with a different chemistry make-up, LiFePO4 has been proven to be longer lasting, safer and less harmful to the environment in regards to battery recycling, compared to the common LiCoO2 battery found in consumer electronics. Lithium Batteries can be discharged deeper than AGM batteries, while maintaining a constant voltage. The main benefit of a Lithium Battery is the weight; 1/3 the weight of an AGM deep cycle battery.

Lithium LiFePO4 (LFP) Deep Cycle Batteries are becoming more affordable, and its quite easy to setup. There are only 3 key requirements for a LFP system:

1. A proven quality battery with customer support.

2. The correct charging system to get the most out of your investment.

3. A knowledgeable and qualified installer.

Our own research has proven two outstanding Australian companies in the LFP industry; Redarc and Revolution Power Australia. Revolution have developed a LFP Battery which has in-built cell management and packaged it in standard automotive sizes. They also pride themselves on quality and customer service. Redarc have been a leader in automotive electronics since 1979, and have now worked with Revolution Power Australia to manufacture an in-vehicle charger and battery management system to suit Revolution's LFP Battery.


It is important to remember that not all LFP batteries are equal (even if they say they are).