Dual Battery Systems

All dual battery systems are different, they depend on your vehicle, caravan or camper and your usage requirements. We can size your system to suit you, whether it's an under-bonnet system, a tray-back or canopy system, or just the battery system in your camper. It should have isolation from your 'starting battery' and may incorporate solar panels or chargers, and various connections to what you are using. 

Your dual battery system may require a DC-DC charger. Many late model vehicles have ‘variable voltage’ or ‘temperature compensating’ alternators. These late model alternators are not capable of fully charging a second or third battery due to lower voltage outputs. To see what alternator is on your vehicle, see Redarc's Dual-Battery Calculator, and select your vehicle.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries allow you to deeply discharge your battery and use it almost to full capacity, and then effectively recharge it. They are designed to provide power at a steady rate over a long period of time.


We offer a range of Delkor and Fullriver batteries to suit your needs, including Sealed lead-acid, AGM and Lithium. All our batteries are maintenance free and come with warranty.

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