uhf radios and aerials

We supply and install GME or Uniden UHF Radios, or any UHF and aerial you might have. Most UHF radios have an external speaker option for those hard of hearing. They can be wired straight to battery positive, or switched on with Acc or Ign.

Accessory sockets and plugs

We use Accessory sockets to run lights, fans, fridges, charging devices, CPAP machines and other portable equipment. They can be flush mounted, surface mounted, single socket, double, triple, quad, white or black. You can also replace sockets for volt meters and USB sockets. We can install accessory sockets almost anywhere the wiring can reach.

Driving Lights

Spot lights and LED Light bars are fitted to every second 4x4, and for good reason; they are awesome! Good driving lights turn night into light and create a safer driving environment. We install driving lights with quality wiring, relays and switches to suit your vehicle. If you are about to purchase your own driving lights, check they will fit your vehicle; different size lights, mounting options and some bullbars can create limitations.

We can supply and install many other accessories; just ask!