Anderson Plugs

Anderson plugs have many uses and come in several sizes. You probably know what Anderson plugs are because they are fitted to most 4x4 towbars and hang on the front of most caravan drawbars; generally they are charging a battery or running a fridge. They are simply a connector for higher current circuits.

If you have just purchased a new caravan or 4x4, you will need to be able to charge your caravan batteries while towing, via an Anderson plug. We install appropriate cable sizes and circuit protection for each installation, and use dust covers to keep the connection clean where possible.

If you are currently running your portable fridge through an accessory socket and are having trouble with low voltage or excessive heat at the plug, or the plug continuously falls out of the socket, you may need to upgrade to an Anderson plug for a better connection.

We also fit Anderson plugs to some dual battery systems, where the battery might be in a removable box, or have a connection for portable solar panels.

Red Anderson Plug
Anderson Plug Cover
Grey Anderson Plug