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What is a DingoBox

The DingoBox makes 12v power easy! anywhere!

It's a custom built safe & convenient Portable Battery Box with Accessories, so you can power your needs from one portable source.


Our Standard Battery Box incorperates:

  • 2x Accesory Sockets

  • 2x USB charging ports

  • 4x Genuine 50a Anderson Plugs as Input/Outputs

  • Digital Voltmeter on/off

  • Tie-down strap

  • Moulded carry handles

  • Manual reset circuit breaker

  • All wiring consealed neatly within box cover

  • Terminals ready for any Battery type - AGM, LiFePO4 etc.


Portable, Lightweight, Accessory packed, Plug and Play, and made to order. Simply add your Deep-Cycle Battery, AGM, Gel, Marine, Lead-Acid, Calcium, or LiFePO4. 

Easily Recharge with your Vehicle, Solar, or 240v Battery charger.

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Fits Batteries up to 334mm Long,

eg. Fullriver 120AH AGM or Solarking 150AH LiFePO4

Internal dimensions(LxWxH): 334 x 184 x 254mm
External dimensions(LxWxH): 409 x 244 x 276mm

Why do i need a dingobox

We have a few reasons why you might need a DingoBox.

  • Create a Dual Battery System in your Vehicle, Canopy or Trailer

  • Run a 12v Fridge & Accessories while Off-Grid

  • Power lighting, fans, pumps & other Accessories in your Vehicle, Canopy, Trailer, Boat, Camper or RV

  • Power a Trolling Motor on your Boat

  • Power a Distribution Board (Kings, XTM etc.)

  • The Flexability of a Power Source with a variety of outlets to power & charge a variety of devices

  • Take your 12v Power Source anywhere - In vehicle, out of vehicle, home, garage, boat, lend to a mate, over night stays etc.

  • Easily repair, modify and upgrade all components, rather than a throw-away item like other powerpacks

  • Continued use as your demands change, Add-on, Change vehicle or camper, Add Solar Regulator, Add DCDC Charger, Bigger/Smaller battery capacity, Change battery type at a later date


Let your imagination run wild, the list goes on..

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