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Dingobox Battery Systems make 12v power easy, anywhere! Dingobox design Slimline Lithium Batteries to suit Camping and Travelling. The unique compact and lightweight slimline design make it so convenient in modern 4x4 vehicles we have here in Australia. Hide the whole system behind the seats, or up on the canopy headboard and clear space for more storage. 


The Slimline Lithium Battery features:

  • 105AH LiFePO4 Capacity

  • 120A Max Discharge

  • 120A Max Charge

  • In-built Smart BMS with Bluetooth

  • 1x Accessory Socket

  • 2x USB-3 Fast charge

  • 2x 50A Anderson (Input & Output)

  • 1x 120A Anderson (Input & Output)

  • Battery voltage LCD display

  • 4x Removable mounting brackets

Easily Recharge with your Dingobox Lithium Battery with your Vehicle, Solar, or 240v Battery charger. 

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External dimensions (LxWxH): 495x250x65

Why do i need a dingobox

We have a few reasons why you might need a DingoBox.

  • Create a Dual Battery System in your Vehicle, Canopy or Trailer

  • Run a 12v Fridge & Accessories while Off-Grid

  • Power lighting, fans, pumps & other Accessories in your Vehicle, Canopy, Trailer, Boat, Camper or RV

  • Power a Trolling Motor on your Boat

  • Power a Distribution Board (Kings, XTM etc.)

  • The Flexability of a Power Source with a variety of outlets to power & charge a variety of devices

  • Take your 12v Power Source anywhere - In vehicle, out of vehicle, home, garage, boat, lend to a mate, over night stays etc.

  • Easily repair, modify and upgrade all components, rather than a throw-away item like other powerpacks

  • Continued use as your demands change, Add-on, Change vehicle or camper, Add Solar Regulator, Add DCDC Charger, Bigger/Smaller battery capacity, 


Let your imagination run wild, the list goes on..

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