Solar Systems


Keeping your camping battery fully charged can come from 3 sources:

1. 240V battery charger

2. Tow vehicle alternator

3. The sun!


Free energy, it couldn’t get any better. Solar panels can be fixed mounted to the top of your caravan, motorhome or vehicle. They can also be portable, foldable, flexible, large and small. They need a solar regulator to control the charging to your battery. Portable solar panels come with their own regulator and can connect directly to a battery, while roof-top solar panels need a regulator installed.

If you have, or plan to have portable solar panels, all you may need is an external Anderson plug on your caravan or camper to connect and charge. If you are thinking of roof-top solar panels for extra charging, call Jason for a free quote.

Some DC-DC chargers and Battery Management Systems have an inbuilt solar regulator, which makes solar installation easy if you already have either of those. We can supply and install solar panels, solar regulators, DC-DC chargers or BMS’s to suit your requirements.


For more info head to Redarc's Solar FAQ.