This Plug&Play Battery Box is PERFECT with a Lithium Battery. Create a extremely Lightweight, Portable Power Pack you can carry easily anywhere. Use the Victron Smart Shunt APP to monitor with accurate capacity readings with your smartphone!


The Dingobox Pro Battery Box incorperates:​​

  • Victron 500a SmartShunt with Bluetooth

  • 2x Accesory Sockets

  • 2x USB charging ports

  • 4x Genuine 50a Anderson Plugs as Input/Outputs

  • Digital Voltmeter on/off

  • Tie-down strap

  • Moulded carry handles

  • Manual reset circuit breaker

  • All wiring consealed neatly within box cover

  • Terminals ready for any Battery type - AGM, LiFePO4 etc.


This is the most convenient Dingoboxx, The Dingobox PRO is easily pulled in and out of your vehicle or trailer as your usage requires, charge the DingoBox Pro with your vehicle, portable solar, or a 240v battery charger.


Download 'Victron Connect' from the App store and monitor battery state of charge and all current in/out. Our Battery Boxes are completely customisable with various options available upon request, Contact us for any changes required.


Portable, Lightweight, Accessory packed, Plug & Play, and made to order.

Simply add your Deep-Cycle Battery, AGM, Gel, Marine, Lead-Acid, Calcium, or LiFePO4. 

Easily Recharge with your Vehicle, Solar, or 240v Battery charger.

Keep an eye on Voltage and  all Amps in/out with your smartphone.


Easily Repair, Modify and Upgrade to suit your changing needs.

This is not a Throw-away item like other "12v PowerPacks"


Battery not included.

Plug&Play Battery Box Victron Bluetooth